We get it. Life is busy, and you probably do not think about your HVAC system unless you have to. For most homeowners in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Fountain Hills, HVAC systems are hardly a blip on the radar until they have problems. You find yourself sweltering in the summer, shivering in the winter, and scrambling to pay for an expensive repair.

HVAC systems are often one of the biggest investments that you can make in your home. While you will obviously want to keep it functional as long as possible, it’s important to recognize when it is best to upgrade your system.

Our best heating, ventilation, and air conditioning professionals are here to share some indicators for an existing HVAC system’s end of life.

1. Your Power Bills Keep Rising

It is typical to spend more on utilities when trying to cool your home in the summer. However, your bill should not be significantly higher than it was in the same month last year.

Rising utility bills can be a sign that you need to replace your HVAC system. System efficiency declines over time as components age, and the buildup of dirt and corrosion on the interior of the system create gradual losses in system efficiency. While the expected system efficiency declines are around 5-10% as systems age, declines above that margin indicate that something is likely going wrong with your HVAC system. If large-scale repairs become necessary, investing in a replacement system to maximize your home’s efficiency might be the better option.

2. Temperatures Throughout Your Home Are Unbalanced

Maybe you are noticing that your living room is freezing, but your kitchen is hot. Why is your HVAC system failing to achieve a consistent temperature throughout your home?

Oversized systems run on short cycles in which the temperature in the house changes too quickly and causes the system to shut off. A modern and correctly sized air conditioning system eliminates hot and cold areas inside your home by right-sizing temperature delivery needs.

Temperature imbalances can also result from poor quality ductwork. Since ductwork is often what distributes warm and cool air throughout the home, it is crucial to verify that air coming out of the ductwork is appropriate for the amount of air that must be moved.

3. Your HVAC System Constantly Runs

In summer, your air conditioning system might kick into overdrive to keep your home comfortable. However, an air conditioner that fails to run on a regular day should get prompt attention. Aging air conditioners have lost capacity from what they used to have. Systems may have grown dirty and may need cleaning, or the compressor is not performing as designed.

Even if you are happy with your home’s indoor temperature, you will probably be concerned by the rising utility costs of an HVAC system that runs continuously. Replacing it will help make your home more energy-efficient.

4. Your HVAC System Is Aging

How long should you expect your HVAC system to last? Unfortunately, your technician might not have an exact answer since that depends on how well it was installed and maintained. The average air conditioning system needs to be replaced every 15 years, but that average includes poorly maintained systems that fail in 6 years, and well-maintained systems that have lasted for 30 years.

It is not usually worth it to repair a system approaching the projected end of its service life, especially if it uses R22 refrigerant, which is being phased out by 2021. If you are repairing an obsolete system, you should look into a replacement system.

5. Your Repair Bills Are Expensive

Keeping your HVAC system running smoothly will require occasional maintenance over time. Repairing or replacing capacitors and electrical switches are fairly basic repairs, but coil or compressor leaks require considerable repairs with hefty bills. If your repair estimates exceed your expectations, consider replacing your system. A new HVAC system will keep your house comfortable and will improve efficiency, regardless of the weather.

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