So, it is hot outside, and you are noticing that your air conditioner is working harder than ever to keep your home feeling cool. Are you wondering how often you should do AC maintenance in Scottsdale?

If you didn’t get your air conditioner checked this spring, you still have time to get the cost and efficiency advantages from an annual air conditioner service! Here is our list of reasons why your air conditioner needs air conditioning maintenance every year.

1. A Scheduled Meeting is Better than an Expensive Emergency Repair

Yearly air conditioning maintenance is an affordable bill that you can expect and budget for. It also gives your technician a chance to discover trouble now and perform smaller air conditioning repairs before considerable problems arise.

You should not have to wait for your air conditioner to give out on a hot summer day when it must work the hardest and when you need it the most. Here in Scottsdale, it is common to see unserviced air conditioners give out when under the most stress, on the hottest days of the year. Annual maintenance on your cooling system will decrease the risk of failure and reduce the risks of emergency system repairs or replacement. If you want to save money and be guaranteed a tranquil home environment throughout the summer, you should get yearly system maintenance.

2. Your Energy Bills will be Lower

Well-maintained cooling systems operate silently, effortlessly, and efficiently. These systems expend less energy resources, release less pollution, and lower your energy and electricity costs. These reduced costs alone are often sufficient to justify the charges of preventive maintenance.  It pay for itself and is a smart business decision.

3. Your Air Conditioner will Stick Around

In addition to the money you save from infrequent issues and lower power costs, annual air conditioner maintenance extends the lifespan of your cooling equipment. Any well-kept AC will outlast a neglected unit, even if the neglected unit is a premium, top-of-the-line system. Want to play the long game, save money, and call for your yearly maintenance appointment? Call us today!

4. Your Interior Space will be Cooler

All of our maintenance during regular service sessions helps your air conditioner cool your home effectively and consistently. You can look forward to improved airflow, barely noticeable “hot” and “cold” spots, excellent humidity control, and near-silent operation. Even when summer temperatures soar, these enhancements guarantee you a comfortable and pleasant home environment.

5. Your Warranty Demands Yearly Maintenance

If your home comfort air conditioning system is still under warranty, look at your policy. Replacement parts are only covered if you can prove that you have your equipment serviced on a regular basis. Manufacturers and designers engineered your equipment with yearly or semiannual maintenance in mind; and they know that routine air conditioner maintenance prevents failures. Retain documentation of your servicing as evidence in case you need to submit a warranty claim.

6. Reliable Establishments Endorse Routine Maintenance

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Energy, and ENERGY STAR® experts are here to have your back. They test rigorously and will not lead you amiss. Recognize that these established bodies all agree that yearly AC maintenance is vital for decreasing the risk of emergency repairs, boosting energy efficiency, and increasing equipment life span.

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